2 responses to “Contact

  1. Logan, I can’t wait for your next book – we are re-doing our website and I’d love to have a good action shot of you – will search my folders, but see if you have a favorite you would like on there.

  2. Gary Dean Gardner

    Hey Logan. Just saw your article on Joe Bussard’s record collection. Now that you’ve set the precedent, it’s time to follow up and do a feature on Johnny Maddox, the ragtime piano great, and his legendary collection of sheet music. Have tried in vain to get G&G to do this (from the angle of his overall contribution to American music and that he’s a living Southern legend worthy of inclusion before it’s too late), but they clearly don’t know who Johnny is/was, nor of his impact, much less about his THOUSANDS of pieces of sheet music chronicling the journey of American composition from the early 19th century to the present day. Johnny is alive and well, living in his home in Gallatin, TN. Give this some thought, and get that stubborn editor to approve this! The readers of G&G would be appreciative.
    Gary Dean Gardner

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