I get the byline, but the work is never mine alone. Over the years I’ve collaborated with many talented magazine editors, among them Jerry Beilinson, Roy Berendsohn, Jennifer Bogo, Karen Carroll, Sherri Dalphonse, Glenn Derene, David Dibenedetto, Meghan Drueding, Sid Evans, Haskell Harris, Elizabeth Hutchinson, Mark Jannot, Wanda Lau, Marcia Lerner, Toby Lester, Jim Meigs, Dave Mezz, John Rasmus, James Schwartz, David Sparrow, Tyghe Trimble and David Willey.


Waiting to Inhale August 2016


What I Learned Walking 14 Miles of Highway Through Suburban Sprawl May 2015

Garden & Gun

City Portrait: Mexico City December/January 2017

The Spell of San Miguel December/January 2015

Collections: Cannery Show October/November 2014

Mezcal’s Old Soul June/July 2014

The Perfect Summer: Secret Spot June/July 2014

Homeplace: New Life for a Tennessee Farm April/May 2014

Sue Grafton’s Kentucky Garden February/March 2014

Good Dog: The World’s Tiniest Bird Dog August/September 2013

Thomas Woltz: Wild By Design June/July 2013

The Call of the Jungle April/May 2013

Charles Stick: The Path Less Taken February/March 2012

The New Frontier of Country Ham December/January 2011

The Garden Artist  December/January 2010

The Poet of Place February/March 2009

Popular Mechanics 

Introducing the High Tech, Cutting Edge, Carbon-neutral, Alternative Fuel of the Future: Wood January 2011

The Race to Save the Bats January 2011

How to Build a Backyard Treehouse March 2010

New Flying Car Aims to Save Lives in the Amazon October 2009

Why Treasure Island Is the Super-Green City of the Future October 2009

Fixing the World on $2 a Day August 2008

Survive Anything August 2007


Beyond the Boardwalk Spring 2015

Common Ground Winter 2015

Virginia Underground Spring 2014

The Secret to Staunton’s Success January/February 2012

Reinventing Buffalo July/August 2011

Rediscovering Mr. Rayfield January/February 2011

Solid as a Rock  May/June 2010

The Atlantic

Shooting for the Sun November 2010


Cavalier Cool April 2013

Facelift in 3D February 2013


Bogota Rising Spring 2015

Rediscovering Cusco Spring 2013

Popular Science

One Dive, One Breath  July 2003

National Geographic Adventure

Gorillas in the Aftermath Spring 1999


Studies in Miniature Fall 2008

House Beautiful 

Hacienda Hospitality  May 1997

2 responses to “Articles

  1. Sarah Robinson

    Good morning–I don’t see your article from this summer’s Outside magazine listed, but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the story on more than one level. I’ve been injecting methotrexate weekly for years for an inflammatory arthritis, and your description of the awful stuff is the best I’ve ever seen. I hope your daughter is dealing with her illness well and that she is eventually able to be healed. Thanks for your story.

    • Thanks for the note, Sarah. My website is woefully out of date, but I plan to get that piece up soon! Glad you appreciated it. Having watching Eliot go through weekly treatment, I feel for you. She’s currently in remission and off the meds. No flair-ups so far. Fingers crossed. I hope your condition improves, and if it doesn’t that you find a more palatable way to manage it. Take care, Logan

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