About Logan


Through my journalism, I try to satisfy my curiosity about the world. I have tracked mountain gorillas in Uganda for National Geographic Adventure, crossed the Bolivian salt flats for the New York Times, dived a 55-foot-deep shipwreck without scuba tanks for a piece exploring the physiology of freediving for Popular Science and reported on potty-mouthed 4-year-olds (in the wilds of my own backyard) for Parents. I’ve also written feature stories for The Atlantic, Men’s Journal, Garden & Gun, Preservation and many other magazines. I’m a longtime contributor to Popular Mechanics and was a 2008 National Magazine Award finalist for a piece I published in PM called “Facing Down Disaster.”

In 2000, my family and I moved from New York City to Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley to recreate the life of 19th-century subsistence farmers, the subject of my book, See You in a Hundred Years. After more than a decade in the Valley, we now live in Fairfax, Virginia, where I’m hard at work on my next book, the true story of an American who built a flying car to help the Amazonian Indians who killed his father.

2 responses to “About Logan

  1. Logan, I live in Tysons Corner and work in Fairfax. Drop me a line if you’d like to connect. Reid Saunders (Vandy ’87).

  2. V Yarbrough

    I loved your article on building a tree house for your children…very cool.

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